Saturday, December 10, 2005


2006 世界盃分左組勒

A組:德國、 哥斯達黎加、波籣、厄瓜多爾

C 組 係死亡之組...... 我的阿根廷要對住何蘭豆同塞黑兩隊歐洲隊, 仲有科特迪瓦<-- 杜奧巴果隊.......
不過唔緊要, 最重要的係 英格蘭俾燈王比利貼好佢地, 睇來英格蘭都冇運行lu

之但係分組賽都會有好多場好波... 包括 阿根廷對何蘭
意大利對捷克, 巴西對克羅, 墨仔對葡萄等等

西班牙對沙地, 巴西對日本, 呢兩場可能係最好睇, 最多入球都唔定, 不過家下係時候要貯定power 等來年睇波lu


Blogger dL said...

Group C and Grouop E are definitely the Groups of death... expect some interesting results. For Japan, their defense is quite good and so maybe there is not as many goals as you expect...
For England... forget it. They may have beaten Argentina in a friendly match, but if they continue to play Beckham, they won't go to far. They should start Gerrard on the right, Lampard and another DM (Carrick?) in the middle and drop Beckham.

My favourite will be Spain.

1/04/2006 01:54:00 PM  
Blogger 劍魔 said...

to DL
these 2 Groups are interesting. Argentina is my favourite, they play good attracking football. but for the friendly vs England, they play really bad. they have change.
for England, I aggree that Beckham should drop also, a good winger should be in, with Gerrard, they can play one on left and one on right, and switch their position during the game. J Cole or SWP are good.
and your Fav. team Spain, I think the 1st thing is to drop Raul, Torres and another Stricker should start the game.
anyway, good games are waiting for us.

1/05/2006 01:16:00 AM  

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